Powerware POD

Powerware POD

$ 55.00

Powerware POD

Surge Protector


Product Details


• 60,000 Amp surge protection rating - handles more than 1 Million surges (AS1768 Cat A ringwave 200 Amps).
• Highest quality power sockets maintain tension over multiple insertions to ensure that the sockets won`t loosen
and let the power plugs or plug packs slip out.
• Extra wide socket spacing enables 6 standard plug packs to be used on the power board.
• Visual indication of Power On (Blue LED) and Surge Protection failure (Red LED) lets you know that the POD
is active and working.
• 1.8 metre power cord with insulated pins.
• Re-settable circuit breaker provides overload protection.
• Power On/Off switch.
• Wall mountable to save valuable floor space.
• Data, Video/Aerial and Phone Line surge protection to prevent back door surges from damaging your IT or AV equipment.
• Network cable, telephone cable and Coax cable supplied as standard.

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